Our New Photography Website

Wonderful new photography portfolio

My first blog post here was a short bio about yours truly, the photographer and my work here in New Orleans.

Since then, I've been busy developing this new website and I must say, I am very happy with the way it has turned out. My previous website was "home made" if you will, using simple html code, and while it worked well ten years ago, it wasn't ready for 2018 or beyond. In fact, it was already way behind the need for mobile friendly websites.

There have been lots and lots of changes in web site coding, search engine technology and photography since I published my first photography website back in 2006. Staying ahead of the curve in these three different universes at the same time can be quite a task. As much as I like any new learning challenge, I often wish I could spend more time doing photography instead of designing my website and reading about Google's latest algorithms and how they affect me in the search engines.

A website is not just something that sits there on the internet. It is almost a living, breathing thing that needs constant attention. As I move forward, adding photos to my portfolio gallery and tweaking the new website you see here, I hope my future clients find the information and images helpful to them in choosing a photographer for their needs. There are lots of photographers to choose from in New Orleans....each with his or her own style. I hope my work inspires a phone call from you!