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Actors Need Professional Headshots

serious about working on a multi-million dollar film or television project?
then you owe it to yourself to spend five minutes of your time to read this important information about headshots.

Time to get a headshot that's really about you? Needs to have energy and character? Want your headshot to connect with the casting people who see it? Of course you do! Many talented individuals who want to be actors start out knowing that they need a professional actor's headshot to pursue auditions and get acting work. They also know they need a professional headshot photographer.....but they don't know the details of what's involved. If you're just starting out in the film and television industry as an actor, you most likely have a multitude of questions about headshots, photographers and least, you should have if you want to be successful! You owe it to yourself to CLICK HERE to read more about actor's headshots, what happens during a headshot session, the price most headshot photographers charge, what to wear and more. 

You will also find the answers to other frequently asked questions about agents, headshot reproductions for actors, your character range and why it's so important to your success. Getting a vibrant, high energy actor's headshot shouldn't be regarded as a mystery or a chore. In fact, it should be something you enjoy and have fun with during your headshot photography session. Whether you live in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Covington, Mandeville or elsewhere in the metro area, using a professional headshot photographer for your actor/actress headshot will give you an edge. your research on actor's about the importance of a professional headshot and how it relates to the film and television industry.............research what the photographers and actors in NY and LA are doing....arm yourself with knowledge, know what you want with your actor's headshot and give us a call. Get an actor's headshot that looks professional so you can present yourself as a professional actor. Remember, you're not the only actor who wants that role! 

By the way, we are perhaps the ONLY headshot photographer in New Orleans that still provides you with a master print in addition to your digital files.....already formatted as an 8x10 with your name and border! It's included in your session fee of only $175 for in-studio and $225 for location shoots..


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