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I take my work very seriously. No matter what the assignment or job is, I usually get extremely focused on my work to the point of it dominating my thoughts. Sometimes, I forget to eat! It’s kind of funny, I’ve actually had people say I look angry about something….but I’m not; I guess my expression looks that way when I’m overly absorbed in concentration.

Photographer ~ Wayne Ferrara - “Taking a break from the camera to water my plants!”  Phone: 504-897-2333

Photographer ~ Wayne Ferrara - “Taking a break from the camera to water my plants!”

Phone: 504-897-2333

My first experience with photography began when I bought my first Kodak Brownie film camera. Oh man! That was special. I would take pictures of something, anything, anyone and couldn't wait for my prints to come back from the lab. I would look at them and think to myself, "This-is-so-cool".

I remember working weekends doing odd jobs at the grocery store to pay for it.....bagging potatoes and okra, sweeping the floor. As I recall, the cost was something like $12, brand new. It was a Kodak Brownie “Starflex”, 1964 model that used 127 roll film. I can still remember going inside the clothes closet to load the film into the camera. If I did that, I would always get an extra photo on the roll.

I was only ten or eleven years old but in retrospect, I knew there was something special about photography. It was an area of creativity I wanted to explore and learn more about. Of course, back then I didn't really think of it in those terms; to me,....photography was just a cool thing to do. I could take a picture of a big rock or a chain link fence, and it was cool.

New Orleans Photographer - Wayne Ferrara

New Orleans Photographer - Wayne Ferrara

I remember trying out an old film trick I had read about; I had one of my friends near the camera holding his hand out flat and to his side. Then, I had my other friend stand off in the distance until I lined up the palm of the guy up front with the other guy off in the distance. The results looked like a miniature version of one friend was standing on the hand of the other. Like I said, I thought all this was very cool.

I would often take pictures of unusual subjects too, sometimes from an almost abstract perspective and my parents would ask me, "Why did you take a picture of THAT? You're wasting film! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?"

Well, needless to say, there was usually something unique about the subject, something that stood out to me. Something that was, well.....special, special to me anyway; a perspective other people just didn't see or even care about. What can I say, I think seeing things differently from time to time is part of the process.

Believe it or not, I still have that little camera. I like to hang on to some things. I suppose that's why I like photography so much....pictures give us a chance to hang on to a little piece of history that will often be gone in an instant. 

The cameras I use today would have been considered science-fiction back when I had my little Kodak, not to mention the professional computers and post-processing software I work with. To me though, it's ALL still "very cool". Even though most of my work is a fairly straightforward business, I still like photographs of the unusual. Best thing about digital? I don't have to worry about getting yelled at for "wasting film" anymore.

However, as much as I enjoy the artistic, creative side of photography, I take every assignment very seriously. This is, after all, my business. So when we get a chance to talk........if I go into way more detail than you expected or thought you needed; you know why.

Throughout my time as a photographer in New Orleans and elsewhere, it has been an incredible pleasure to work with so many unique, interesting people and fascinating subjects. New Orleans is truly a photographer's candy store of goodies! Pick a subject, pick a background…it’s all there.

My most important objective in the photography business is to clearly understand the client's needs and to provide professional results to everyone I have the pleasure of working with.

I hope to work with you soon.

~ Wayne Ferrara ~

My first camera in 1966 - Kodak Brownie ‘64 model.

My first camera in 1966 - Kodak Brownie ‘64 model.


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