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Model: Christin C.

Model: Christin C.

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"I always enjoy meeting and working with new clients.

My objective is to deliver professional image results, no matter what kind of photography the client needs. I think up to this point, I've provided every kind of photography there is, except aerial photography; that opportunity just never presented itself and now drones are used. Although, I'm sure I would enjoy it."

Throughout the years, Wayne has lived in New York City and Brazil for periods of time, but he calls New Orleans his home and would find it difficult to live anywhere else for an extended period of time. He is always quick to point out that New Orleans is definitely a photographer-friendly city.

"My Love of New Orleans is not just about being a photographer with lots of beautiful options, it's about all the little details; the clickety-clack sound of the St. Charles Avenue streetcar as it rumbles by, the unique scent of rain in the typical New Orleans summer afternoon as it cools down the streets and sidewalks, the many cultural festivals.....and the unmistakably delicious aroma of New Orleans and Creole cooking that seems to fill the air wherever you go......fried onions and garlic, red beans and smoked ham, fried seafood and boiled crawfish just to name a few……can’t imagine living anywhere else at the moment.”


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