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Professional Headshots and Executive Portraits for business: Individuals, groups, conventions, trade shows and medical school/residency applications. Medical and Residency headshots are formatted according to Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) specifications. A few shots below are ERAS Residency headshots. To see more medical school or Residency Headshots… or tap here to go to our Medical and Residency Headshot page.

Cropping and backgrounds for corporate headshots will vary based on client requests and their web page layouts. Not Sure? Need a special look for your company headshot that involves branding or corporate portraiture? Talk to us. Outstanding, Quality Headshots!  Excellent Service ~ Competitive Prices ~ Professional results, guaranteed!



Tip the scale in your favor! 

Have your corporate business headshot, legal profile headshot or executive portrait updated by a professional photographer who has been doing headshots in New Orleans for business people and attorneys since 1993. Back then, Corporate Headshots were mostly used in promotional materials, print advertising and trade journals, but In today's world of online business networking, having a professionally done corporate headshot on your website is essential!  We provide professional photography for professional people and guarantee professional results. Call us today! We are your go-to-headshot photographer.

With more and more business being done over the Internet, the need for a dynamic, professionally done corporate headshot on your website is more important than ever....and truth be told, a "selfie" or poorly lit headshot doesn't represent you very least, not if you're a professional! First impressions are lasting impressions. If you want your headshot to be as professional as you are, call us today for your corporate headshot session..........Who would YOU want to do business with, some guy with a selfie or someone who LOOKS like a successful professional? In the long run, it pays to get it done right the first time!

Medical students who are sending out applications for residency or medical school may want to visit our medical-residency headshot page. You get high quality medical school and residency application photos following the specs required by ERAS or the ones you provide if different! You have an excellent GPA, you tested beyond the average MCAT scores, you have clinical experience, leadership qualities and an outgoing, compassionate personality. Clearly, your med school application headshot or residency app photo should be worthy of your academic achievements. A high quality headshot to go with your medical school or residency application will make a difference; don't settle for less.

Everyone in business who has an online portfolio and headshot has an idea regarding how they want to represent themselves and how they want their headshot to look. Simple details, like expression, angle of pose and cropping can all make a difference in your final results. We address every detail when working with a client. Some clients prefer a formal "studio" type headshot, others prefer the "at work" headshot look, which we would do at your office location or by utilizing a digital, add-on office building interior backgrounds from stock photos.  Communicating your preferences to us is important! So don't be shy, tell us what you like. Share with us what you have in mind for your corporate headshot and we deliver. Want something more edgy, like a character portrait? No problem; tell me what you have in mind. You've earned your status in the business world and your professional headshot should reflect that!

Our objective is to capture that dynamic part of your personality that defines you as a professional as well as your many accomplishments and what your company is all about. BRANDING becomes an important part of your image and your employee images. No matter what area of business you're in, we recommend that you consider talking with us about updating your professional headshot soon.

So, whether you're located in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner or the surrounding area, it's worth it to have your professional corporate headshot done by a professional headshot photographer. Give us a call today; we look forward to helping you look your best in your online corporate headshot. 

Wayne Ferrara ~ New Orleans' Premier Headshot Photographer. 

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