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We have over twelve years experience working with Photoshop ® and our professional imaging, photo retouching and photo restoration services include anything from simple blemish touch ups and scar removal to detailed, digital cosmetic surgery. While we definitely do not recommend drastic photo retouching for actor's headshots and modeling portfolios using Photoshop ® techniques, we understand that some clients have need of our imaging services for personal reasons as well as clients who have commercial applications in mind. Examples of detailed Photoshop retouching and image manipulation work we have done for clients in the past include removal of orthodontic braces, neck lift, acne scar removal, injury scar removal, digital lipo, change of eye color, addition of graphics and natural backgrounds, make up corrections, photo enhancements or additions and more.

While many clients think imaging software like Photoshop ® can work miracles, there are a few things of course, it cannot do. However, in the hands of someone who is experienced, Photoshop is an amazing tool. Like most things though, to do excellent touch up work on any given image requires time and effort. It is not always as simple as the click of a button... on occasion, it can be that simple. If you are in doubt regarding your personal or commercial objectives regarding special effects, photo restorations or any other kind of image manipulation using our Photoshop® skills, please give us a call with details of what you need done.

If we are required to work with photos taken by someone else, we would have to see either the digital file or the print if it is a restoration. In addition, your photographer must provide written permission for us to manipulate his or her work. It's the law.

For several reasons, we can only guarantee results on images WE have taken for you. When working with images created by someone else, the best photo retouch results are not always obtainable because of the many technical factors involved, including the overall quality and lighting of the original image as well as the image's native resolution. However, we will advise you in advance if the images you provide us with will yield positive results or not. In all cases, we strive to provide you with the best results possible based on our experience with the state of the art imaging software that we use and your personal photo retouching needs.

Our basic rate for all Photoshop ® work is $45 per hour. If your job requires major retouching or changes to the original image, plus layered composite work involving other images, including people or backgrounds, or any other job that may also include graphic design work, your job may qualify for our day rate of $250 based on six to eight hours of work.

If the image is for personal use, there are no other fees involved. IF the image is for commercial use in conjunction with any advertising media or the sale of a packaged product, licensing fees will apply and are based on actual use, press run and length of use. For a quote on your project, please call us with any info you may have regarding details and expectations. Extended term, flat rate buyouts are available, so don't hesitate to inquire.

These are only a few samples. We provide a wide variety of imaging enhancements, special FX, scanning and restorations, digital cosmetic surgery, make-up enhancements, removal of orthodontic braces, composites, graphics and more. Please inquire about your specific needs. We guarantee professional results. Thank you.

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