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Edgy Boudoir?

Potential clients like to ask, What is edgy, erotic boudoir”?

Well, most boudoir photography we see out there tends to be rather dark, mysterious and in B&W, which is great! I like to provide that kind of boudoir as well, if that’s what a client prefers. However, some ladies prefer a more vibrant, “sunny” look with their photos. After all, moments of sensuality are not restricted to the dark!

A lot of the images you’ll see in our boudoir gallery were shot with natural light as it passed through a large, bedside window. Others, were shot in-studio with diffuse, soft box strobe lighting. In some cases, they expose a little more than the average boudoir photos, but that’s a personal preference of the client as well. No matter what your personal preference may be, you can rest assured that your images will be of magazine quality.

Naturally, we try to cater to whatever a client desires when doing boudoir photography. We work with ladies, couples or men!