About Photographer Wayne Ferrara

Photographer ~ Wayne Ferrara

Photographer ~ Wayne Ferrara

Through the Lens

It has been quite a journey.

My love of photography began when I bought my first Kodak Brownie film camera; I was only twelve years old but Even then, I knew it was an area of creativity I wanted to explore and develop.

As much as I enjoy the artistic side of photography, I take every assignment very seriously. This is, after all, my business. 

While the world of photography has changed dramatically since my first camera, including the professional digital equipment and post-processing software I work with today....my dedication to the craft has not. In fact, the new technology has opened up new doors of creativity to explore and it's amazing!

Throughout my time as a photographer in New Orleans and elsewhere, It has been a distinct pleasure to work with so many unique, interesting people and fascinating subjects. 

It is always my objective to provide everyone I work with the absolute best.

I hope to work with you soon.

                     ~Wayne Ferrara


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