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Corporate Headshot Photography by New Orleans Photographer Wayne Ferrara

Professional Headshots for Professional People © 1993-2017
Corporate Headshots for the entire Metro New Orleans area including Metairie, Kenner and Covington

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See our rate page for more details.
Have a Group or Team? Check Out Our Group Rates!
Corporate Headshot Group Rates require a minimum of ten staff members please - up to a maximum of fifty in one day
Group rates are as low as $125 per person for a minimum of ten employees, $95 each for twenty or more and only $45 each for fifty or more.
Post processing, online gallery, cropping and minor touch ups are still included!
Call us to schedule your group now - 504-897-2333

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Your Online Headshot is Very Important

Does your online professional headshot do you justice? Tip the scale in your favor and have your corporate profile headshot updated by a professional photographer who has been doing headshots since 1993. In today's world of online business networking, having a professionally done corporate headshot on your website is essential! That's where we come in. We provide professional photography for professional people and guarantee professional results.

With more and more business being done over the Internet, the need for a dynamic, professionally done corporate headshot on your website is more important than ever....and truth be told, a "selfie" or poorly lit headshot doesn't represent you very well....if you're a professional! First impressions are lasting impressions. If you want to look like a professional, call us today for your corporate headshot session.

Everyone in business who has an online portfolio and headshot has an idea regarding how they want to represent themselves and how they want their headshot to look. Simple details, like expression, angle of pose and cropping can all make a difference in your final results. Some clients prefer a formal "studio" type headshot, others prefer the "at work" headshot look, which we would do at your office location. Communicating your preferences to us is important! So don't be shy, tell us what you like. Share with us what you have in mind for your corporate headshot and we deliver.

So, whether you're in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner or the surrounding area, it's worth it to have your professional corporate headshot done by a professional headshot photographer. Give us a call today; we look forward to helping you look your best in your online corporate headshot. Again, we guarantee professional results.

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For more information about our corporate headshot photography services including group rates, please call 504-897-2333.
Providing professional photography for professional people.

On occasion, corporate headshot clients will request a full buyout as with our commercial work.
Our fee for a full buyout varies for corporate headshots, with a minimum starting rate of $225 .

Wayne Ferrara is a New Orleans based photographer servicing all of Metro New Orleans including Metairie and Kenner.

The photographs created by Ferrara Araujo Photography
are intended for personal or business use only and not for resale, reproduction or distribution.
We are not responsible for typographical errors. Prices listed are subject to change and may vary depending on client needs.

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